Welcome to STEM Expo!

More than just a Science Fair:
STEM Expo is an alternative concept to the typical Science Fair - striving to give students a place to exhibit their work alongside entertainment and learning opportunities for the whole family – including STEM based activities and interactive exhibits from local scientists, organizations, schools, and companies.

2018 Category Revisions

This year STEM Expo has drastically revised the categories to be more inclusive, and separate out multiple scientific fields into more specific sectional groupings.

We're keeping all the fun stuff, but adding a methodology to broaden our horizons as we continue to expand.

See what the base category descriptions are by following the link to the Category Descriptions.

Be sure to "Read More" (below) to keep up to date on the information that is available for the revisions.

Finally, see the Judging Info article to read about the core concepts that are being used in the project evaluations.