Team Registration - Glenn County

Enter the name of the team. If the team doesn't have a name, now is a great time to make one up! You could always use the names of the team members if you're stuck. You can also change the team name later by sending an email to us ( In order to avoid confusion, each team must have a unique name.
Please let us know how many people are in the group. If you only have one member on the team, please use the individual registration instead of this one! Note that although the California State Science Fair has a limit of 3 individuals on a team, Glenn County STEM Showcase does not have a size limit.
Enter the full names of up to six (6) team members (one per line please!). If there are more than 6 members of your team, then please list the names of the team captain(s) or any names that would help us find the team when looking it up during check-in. Additionally, send us an email with all of the team members' names at
Enter an email address where we can contact the team. This email will be used to send critical information about the event, including sending schedule information for the judging review times. BE CERTAIN it is correct! We will be sending you an automatic confirmation that your registration has been entered. If you do not receive it within 4 hours, please contact us!
If the student is under 18, please enter the name of a parent, teacher, or responsible adult that we can use as a mailing contact.
Enter the name of the school that the team attends. if this entry is made though an organization that is outside of a public or private school, then enter that organization's name. If there is no organization (e.g. Home School, etc) then enter "Community" or "Home School".
Please enter the name of your educator (this may be the same name as the adult contact)
Please enter the grade level for the team. If the team consists of students from more than one grade level, please enter the highest grade.
Select the type of address that is being used for this entry. The address is where we will send any information after the event has occurred.
Enter the first line of the street address where we can send postal mail.
If you need a second line (apartment number, room number, etc.) enter it here.
Enter the city for postal mail
Seems silly doesn't it? But we do need this to be able to send out anything by mail!
Enter the mailing address' zip code
Enter a telephone number where we can reach the student or an adviser. We do not expect to need to contact anyone except by email, but we need this as a final resort.
What is the entry called? We will assign a specific table display area for you, and we want to have the title correct on the location and in the program! If you are entering more than one submission, please make a separate entry for each one.
Select the category where this entry will be placed. If appropriate, you are welcome to enter your project in more than one category
Please let us know if you will need power for your entry. There will be limited power available, as per the general rules, but you must supply your own extension cord to reach a power strip (which may be as far as 25 feet away).
Select whether you are interested in competing within your category and grade group, or whether you would just like to enter for presentation and evaluation only.
Please let us know how you heard about STEM Showcase.