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An invention is a new device, contrivance, process, or an improvement
on an existing machine or product that solves a real or perceived 
problem or need.

The category provides a means of presenting an invention to the general public.

Pertinent Information and Definitions

Please be sure to read the Entry Rules and General Requirements for all participants, available here

Project Display

A successful entry display in this category may contain the following:

  • A description of the use of the invention, and the benefits associated
  • A ‘mock-up’, prototype, or construction of all or part of the invention
  • Any marketing or promotional concept for the invention

Descriptive Paper

A descriptive paper may be provided to show additional information

  • Overall invention clearly described including what it is, how it would be used, benefits, and intended audience
  • Description of the design process that occurred in the creation of the invention, including any problems encountered and the solutions
  • Drawings or descriptive text that describes the construction process and any materials required
  • Any further steps taken beyond initial concept, including competitor research, publicity, etc.

Marketing Materials

Promotional materials may be provided to show how this invention would be presented for use

  • This could include signs, video and/or audio clips or concepts, advertising copy, etc.
  • The artistic and creative content of this material (if present) may be evaluated for additional consideration in the Creative Arts awards section


Entry, Review, and Judging

An entry in this category will be reviewed and judged on the following:

  • Entry rules and general requirements judging points
  • Preparation and display of the invention and/or its component
  • Prototype or mock-up design and construction
  • Descriptive paper showing further details about the invention

Additional items which will affect the review and judging conclusions

  • Research evidence that no similar product or process exists
  • Invention offers functionality that solves a problem efficiently
  • Invention addresses a real-world need
  • Practicality in terms of size, cost, materials, etc. for the problem being solved
  • Unique or innovative methodologies used

The presented display will be evaluated for consideration as part of the Creative Arts award category (see section 8)


Please review the judging rubric for this category, and the entry rules and general requirements for other items that may be considered.

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