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A robot is a mechanical or virtual intelligent agent that can perform tasks
automatically or with guidance, often by remote control. Robots can be 
autonomous, semi-autonomous or remotely controlled. 

The participant in the robotics category must design a robot or a robotic device that accomplishes a specific purpose.


A successful Robotics entry must have the following:

  • Description paper explaining operation and functionality of components - can include illustrations and/or images
  • Mock-up of key components or fully functional robot


Additional judging will be based on the following:

  • Purpose of robot logical and explainable
  • Mechanical design is elegant and appropriate
  • Efficient parts use, with no extraneous pieces (except pieces specifically for decoration)
  • Manipulators are used as needed to do tasks appropriate to their design
  • If mobile, drive train is accurate, consistent, and controllable
  • If mobile, steering system is accurate, consistent, and controllable
  • Sensors are used appropriately / Sensors guarantee certain actions in every trial
  • Design allows for variables (power, environment, etc.)
  • Software Programs (if applicable) do what is needed, with allowance for variables
  • Software Programs (if applicable) are documented, explained, and understood
  • Safety considerations are in place
  • Description paper describes purpose of robot as a whole
  • Description paper describes operation of individual components
  • Each component/sub-system is described, with no needed components missing
  • Illustrations/Images appropriate and understandable (and labeled correctly)
  • Description paper organized and well written
  • The system presented is innovative and creative
  • The robot shows completeness of thought and cause and effect are clearly explained
  • The robot relates to real world applications
  • The robot and/or it’s purpose is original or innovative
  • The methodology/materials/design are innovative or creative in approach
  • Degree of complexity