Placer County Exhibitor Area Layout

The exhibitor area is located just inside the main entrance to the Academic Warehouse at William Jessup University. All student entrants and all visitors will pass by the exhibitor area on the way to the STEM Expo Student Entry display area. 

Unlike previous years, we will not be separating the youth activity area from the other exhibitors, and the space containing booths 13-18 is significantly reduced from any past year due to lighting constraints.

There are 18 indoor booths available, as shown in the map. All booths are 8’ deep x 10’ wide.

Any booth can be combined with the adjacent booth to create a large booth.

Booths 1 – 5 and17-18 are against a cement tilt-up style back wall. Booths 6-8 are against an indoor wooden wall. The rest have have a curtained back wall.

Spaces are marked on the floor with no curtain or barrier separating them. It is recommended that exhibitors bring free-standing items if they wish to delineate the space further.