Placer County STEM Expo has been cancelled.

It is with deep regret that we must announce the cancellation of the Placer County STEM Expo events.

STEM Expo has enjoyed nine years of supporting the education community in Placer County and has always been encouraged by the innovation and abilities of the student participants. Unfortunately we have struggled with an apparent reduction in the recognition of the importance of the event among the regional schools. 

We believe a good indicator for the success of STEM Expo is an annual expansion in the number of participating schools and students, yet, unlike the amazing growth of the program in many other counties in California, and despite our efforts, we have seen the school involvement in Placer County diminish. With participation limited to so few schools, and with no apparent focus or encouragement from the County Office of Education, the board has made this difficult decision. We are saddened that we were forced to reconsider the time, effort, and budget involved to effectively run STEM Expo for this small subset of Placer County Schools.

To everyone who has been involved in any of the STEM Expos in Placer County we offer our heartfelt thanks. To all the students and teachers who have participated, we count it privilege to have met and to have been part of your endeavors. To the volunteers who unselfishly contributed time and expertise to make the Expos successful, thank you for your sacrifice, as we are truly in awe of your willingness to help. We appreciate the exhibitors who demonstrated applications of STEM in jobs, products and play. And finally, we thank our incredible sponsors, whose insight, belief and contributions have enabled our impact and encouraged our spirit.

For those looking to continue to pursue excellence through competition in STEM events, we have arranged for Placer County students to participate in the 2020 Sacramento Regional STEM Fair.  Please contact them at to announce your residency as Placer County and an intent to enter a project.