Student Intent To Participate

Select whether this entry will be done by a team of students or by an individual student.
If this is an individual entry, then obviously the value should be 1. If it is a team please let us know how many people in the group. Note that although the California State Science Fair has a limit of 3 individuals on a team, Placer County STEM Expo does not have a size limit.
Enter the First Name of the student or the Name of the group. If the group does not have a name, enter all of the students' names here.
Enter the student's Last name (surname) here. If this is a group, enter "Group" or something similar (it will not be used).
Please enter your email so we can get in touch with you if we need to! You will also be receiving any further updates and reminders with this address (but we promise that it won't be used for anything other than that).
What is your entry called? We will assign a specific table display area for you, and we want to have the title correct on the location and in the program! If you are entering more than one submission, please make a separate entry for each one.
Select the category where this entry will be placed. It is possible that entries can be selected in more than one category.
Select whether you are interested in competing within your category and grade level, or whether you would just like to enter your presentation for evaluation only.
Enter the name of the school that the student attends. If this entry is made through an organization that is outside of a public or private school, then enter that organization's name. If there is no organization (e.g. Home School, etc) then enter "Individual" or "Home School"
Enter the grade level of the student
Enter the first line of the street address of the student. If this is an entry through a school educator, the school's address is acceptable.
If you need a second line for the address, enter it here
Enter the city where the student or school resides.
Seems silly doesn't it? We need this to be able to send out anything by mail!
Enter the ZIP code for the student's residence or school
Enter a contact phone number for the student. This will help us contact you if there are any questions about your entry!
Please let us know how you heard about this event.