Business & Community Exhibitors

Throughout the day (from 9:00AM until 3:30PM) we will feature STEM based activities and interactive exhibits from local scientists, organizations, schools, and companies.

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Exhibitor Listing for this year's Placer County STEM Expo

LEGO Engineering

Presented by: IntelliBricks, Booth: 1 & 2

3D Printing

Presented by: Plas3D, Booth: 3

Invention with Reusables

Presented by: Recreate, Booth: 4

VEX Robotics

Presented by: Cavitt Jr. High School, Booth: 5


Presented by: Code Ninjas, Booth: 6 & 7


Presented by: Prof. Cascaddan, Booth: 8

Amateur (Ham) Radio

Presented by: American Radio Relay Team, Booth: 9


Presented by: Leo Palmiter Jr./Sr. High School, Booth: 10

Law Enforcement Technology

Presented by: Placer County Sheriff , Booth: 11 & 12


Presented by: Lincoln Hills Astronomy Group, Booth: 13

Outdoor recreation & conservancy

Presented by: ASRA Canyon Keepers , Booth: 14

Solar Technology

Presented by: California Sunlight Corporation, Booth: 15

STEM camps - enrichment programs

Presented by: Camp EDMO, Booth: 16

Teaching STEM

Presented by: Willaim Jessup University - School of Education, Booth: 17

STEM Entertainment

Presented by: Mad Science, Booth: 18