Science Fiction

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Please note: We are in the process of updating our Category Descriptions and Rubrics for STEM Expo 5  (March 7, 2015) - these should be updated by December 1, 2014.



Science fiction is a genre of fiction dealing with imaginary but more or less
plausible (or at least non-supernatural) content such as future settings, futuristic
science and technology, space travel, aliens, and paranormal abilities. Exploring 
the consequences of scientific innovations is one purpose of science fiction, making
it a "literature of ideas"

Submitting a Science Fiction Entry

You must submit your entry via email to at least a week in advance -- but remember, in order to compete for an award or receive feedback you will also need to have a display piece for the day of the event.

When you submit, you should be sure to include your name in the email so we can be sure to match it up with your registration. PDF format is preferred, but we can handle just about any electronic document format. If it's really obscure, we'll follow up with you!  By the way, if you haven't registered, you'll want to make sure to do that too (

Additionally, your presentation/display piece for the Expo should be brought to the event at the normal check-in times. You do not need to submit a paper copy of the story prior to the expo, but may want to include a copy with any presentation materials. 


A successful Science Fiction entry must have the following:

  • Minimum of one type written pages per grade level of participant (12 font, 1.5 space)
  • Illustrations encouraged, but are optional and can be drawn by other than participant

Special notices for this category:

  • Stories must be received by STEM Expo evaluators at least one week prior to the STEM Expo date. 
  • There is no maximum length allowed for the stories, however any story over 20 pages must be submitted earlier than the above submission date: each 10 pages over requires one additional day (minimum) delivery.
  • Stories can be delivered in advance of the Expo date electronically. If you are interested in doing so, please contact us for details.

Additional judging will be based on the following:

  • General
    • Knowledge and understanding of the topic is conveyed
    • Thinking includes creative use of ideas and imagination
    • Story keeps the readers' attention
    • Dialogue (if present) is used well and flows appropriately
  • Writing Process
    • Writing is organized with a clear beginning, middle and end
    • Sentences are clear, spelling is accurate and structure is grammatically correct
    • Use of details, adjectives and examples is well done and appropriate
  • Visual
    • Presentation is clean and well laid out (Title page, typed/printed in 12 point font, with 1.5 line spacing)
    • If illustrations are used they are appropriate and add to the story
  • Additional 
    • Alternative thought process or physical rules are clearly expressed (but not necessarily described in detail)
    • Alternative rules are consistent throughout the story
    • Willful suspension of disbelief effort is almost negligible